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In terms of our maxim „We move your world“ we truck now also your refrigerated transport!

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We find any solution even for the most extraordinary transport problems ... 

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Our GOAL: economical and cost-conscious processing!

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In safe hands ... a reliable business partner!

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Here you can
rely on ...

  • a highly qualified team of experienced dispatchers
  • informed consultation and prompt quotes
  • creative appointment and route planning
  • perfect organisation
  • appropriate and economic processing
  • our accomplished drivers
  • a reliable business partner, convincing customers with performance

Together we are strong!

Paul Gruber

Company management



Mail: Paul Gruber

Heavy transport

Markus Autengruber

General manager

Tel: 05332 76000-16

Tel: 05332 76000-17

Mail: Markus Autengruber

Christian Gruber

General manager

Tel: 05332 76000-14

or 05332 76000-15

Mail: Christian Gruber

Lendita Lecaj


Tel: 05332 76000-24 

or 05332 76000-25

Mail: Lendita Lecaj

Vito Digiorgio


Tel: 05332 76000-20 

or 05332 76000-21

Mail: Vito Digiorgio

Simon Puls 


Tel: 05332 76000-22


Mail: Simon Puls

Tarpaulin Trailer

Christoph Brandstätter

Management FTL / LTL

Tel: 05332 76000-50 

or 05332 76000-51

Mail: Christoph Brandstätter

Florian Hunkler


Tel: 05332 76000-58 

or 05332 76000-59

Mail: Florian Hunkler

Tugba Dogan


Tel: 05332 76000-56 

or 05332 76000-57

Mail: Tugba Dogan

Bruna Pinheiro 

Dispatcher (Tarpaulin Trailer)

Tel: 05332 76000-60

or 05332 76000-61

Mail: Bruna Pinheiro

David Erharter 

Dispatcher (Tarpaulin Trailer)

Tel: 05332 76000-54 

or 05332 76000-55

Mail: David Erharter

Anna Wohlfarter 


Tel: 05332 76000-68 


Mail: Anna Wohlfarter

Aleksandar Lukic


Tel: 05332 76000-64 


Mail: Aleksandar Lukic

Accounts department

Christina Lercher 

Accounts department

Tel: 05332 76000-40 


Mail: Christina Lercher

Christine Bachler 

Accounts department

Tel: 05332 76000-42 


Mail: Christine Bachler

Nadja Thaler 

Accounts department

Tel: 05332 76000-41 


Mail: Nadja Thaler